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Blessings in the New Year

Welcome to the promise of Monday!

Many people take this time of year to reflect on where they are in life, their faith, and what is important in achieving a sense of fulfillment and meaning. This year, it feels as though these reflections are often more profound than in past years … perhaps because our response to Covid and its impact on friends, families, and communities has forced us to slow down and think about things other than our daily “to do” list.

We want to take a few moments to emphasize the special kind of magic that exists this time of year. A time of wonder and joy. A time when the stars seem to shine a little brighter, when the air is a little clearer, when the colors of the world are a little more vibrant. Maybe it is because people are kinder to each other, yes, there are far more good people than bad, sometimes we just have to look a little harder, or better yet, let it start with us and we may see more of them. Maybe it is because the face of a child is brighter with a sense of that joy or wonder. Maybe it is a time to truly reflect on the many blessings we have that we forget to count. Maybe it is because we feel the time of miracles. Maybe it is because we are all filled with sugar (tee-hee), but this is indeed a special time of year. We believe in the true magic, though, is in our hearts.

We celebrate Christmas. We believe the true magic of Christmas is in our hearts and it is certainly not just another day.

Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas. There are many holidays to celebrate. Maybe you celebrate Nicholas Day, or Hannukah, or Kwanzaa, or the Winter Solstice, or other days that are special to your family. We pray that your holiday is filled with joy and love, family and friends.

We have all had times in our lives of great joy and great loss. As we live the circle of life, maybe we have celebrated the birth of our child or mourned the death of a family member or dear friend. Maybe we have spent the season with great joy in our heart, surrounded by big celebrations with family and friends. Or, maybe we have spent the season alone, perhaps with tears as we reflect or remember, or alone with our favorite move and a warm cup of coffee, but we encourage you this season to reflect and remember.

Whatever your faith and no matter what your struggles have been, today we share with you our hope. Hope for the future, hope for love and light, hope for peace and tranquility.

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