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It's time to get your pink on!

One area where I get especially “jazzed” is something I love to do and could do all day. I am a cancer survivor, and I love to talk with other cancer patients, especially those who are newly diagnosed. I especially love to show how humor can be used in many situations that some people consider very serious, like a cancer diagnosis. There was nothing funny about being told I had cancer at the age of 42, that is for sure, but I COULD NOT CHANGE THE DIAGNOSIS. What I did have control over was my attitude.

And it's time for everyone in Central Pennsylvania to get their pink on, feel hopeful, and fill themselves with joy. Every year, the Pink Zone appears at the Jordan Center at the Pennsylvania State University. Survivors are provided with free tickets and the arena is jammed with people rocking their pink and living in hope. Survivors and thrivers, the deadline for your FOUR FREE TICKETS is today, Monday, January 24, 2022!! Sign up NOW!! This year's event will be held on February 6 and you can learn more about it at

In their words: "Since 2007 Pink Zone has raised over $3.2 million. We help unite Central Pennsylvania in the fight against breast cancer by mobilizing resources to improve lives in our community.

Through ticket and t-shirt sales, as well as direct donations, Pennsylvania Pink Zone has distributed more than $2.1M to partner organizations ranging from cutting-edge diagnostic tools to care packages for breast cancer patients.

As we look to the future, our board is focusing resources and energy on two key initiatives:

  • A commitment to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund to provide $50,000 each year to its grant program for innovative breast cancer research.

  • A new program offering direct aid to local breast cancer patients and their families burdened by the cost of treatment and care."

In my opinion, there is no better way to share the love and hope of those who have worked to survive breast cancer. Whether you are a survivor yourself or you know someone who has worked to hold steady and be positive while coping with the diagnosis, I hope to see you on February 6!

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