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Dreaming of Spring . . .

If you are like us, you are currently dreaming about spring: the warmer air, the cleansing rains, the beautiful spring flowers. In our experience, even the most intrepid outdoor people tend to hunker down in icy, cold, rainy weather such as we have been experiencing the last few days.

So what to do while trapped inside? May we suggest help to make the promise of spring even better? There are huge possibilities for positive change. No matter how small, there is a chance you will end up selling your home for a brighter more fulfilling future. Why not make some minor upgrades now so that should a dream move present itself you are ready to go?

We strongly suggest keeping up with maintenance ... much of which you can do on your own. Do you have a drab room with marred or peeling paint? Now is the time to scrape it back and put on a fresh coat. Do you have some cosmetic damage to floors or kitchen counter tops? Now is the time to research some DIY fix it yourself solutions. Would the house look warmer and more inviting with a furniture rearrange, a few new pieces, or a new rug? We recognize that finances might not allow a huge remodel, but some discriminating shopping on community trade or resale sites could result in some eye popping improvements. And, since you are currently stuck inside waiting for better weather, why not browse for those improvements now?

While you're at it, if finances allow, think through outside projects that would help improve a sale. Do you have damaged pavers on a patio? Or would a new patio improve the outdoor space? Do you have a few damaged boards on your porch? Could the deck use a spray down and re-stain? Planning for these outdoor improvement projects now will help to reduce costs, allow you to plan what you can handle on your own, and get you on the list for first-thing-in-the-spring work if you need to hire a contractor.

Taking the time to make these small improvements will greatly increase the likelihood of selling for the amount you believe your home is worth. If you would like some feedback and advice on how to best prepare, please email or give us a call. We would love to work with you and help you take the next step to achieving your dreams for spring. You can reach us at 814-212-3115 or

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