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We provide solutions to move forward.

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Sometimes life comes at you fast ... divorce, death in the family, new job. Often times, these events result in the need to sell your home or property NOW and to know that once sold there will be no further negotiations, financing concerns, or last minute cancellations.

Selling your property or home by auction assures you your home will sell on a certain date, the buyer has the means to pay for it, your property will sell as is where is without concern regarding requests from the buyer for updates, painting, or repairs.

  1. There is no ceiling in a competitive market. We will advertise and drive buyers to the sale -- competition during a live auction will improve your opportunity to earn top dollar for your sale;

  2. You will save time and money in a slow market. If your property isn't in one of the current "hot market" areas, selling by auction allows you to sell quickly and capture current market value;

  3. An auction attracts serious buyers.

  4. You know the exact date and time your home or property will sell.

Contact us for more information about how we can provide you with solutions to move forward quickly and efficiently.

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