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Working Together to Make Things Bigger and Better

In one of our previous posts, we talked about how restricted the auction world can be. There are parts of the country where an auction company is a multi-generational family affair. And, happily, those multi-generation companies have amassed a dedicated following. As we said earlier, though, those multi-generational businesses and loyal followers can make it difficult for new auctioneers to break into the business and to amass their own following.

Happily, though, as we studied for our licenses, we traveled across the country and met many, many auctioneers who face the same challenges. And in those travels, we also met many established auctioneers who are doing so well that their own network cannot keep pace with the business. In these cases, we do a great job of working together to make things bigger and better.

Sometimes, we are called on to help with inventory, sorting, and, Hooray!, calling at auction. We’ve helped other auctioneers sell homes, land, businesses, possessions, collections, storage bins, automobiles, farm equipment, and art. Sometimes we call on other auctioneers to help us.

Each and every time, it’s an incredible experience. We learn new ways to handle difficult settings, difficult environments, and hard-to-sell collections. It isn’t easy setting up a sale in 100 degree, desert heat, and surviving to tell the tale!

More importantly, we have formed life-long friendships and relationships with colleagues. That opportunity has been a treasure more valuable than almost anything we can describe. The joy of working alongside people we trust, who operate ethically, and who value us enough to ask us to tag along is immeasurable.

As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday, we hope that you have the same opportunities in your field of choice and that you are able to experience the same joy and friendship.

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